In Memory of the men of LCU F4

Colour Sergeant B.R. Johnston QGM

Sergeant R.J. Rotherham
Marine R.D. Griffin
Marine A.J. Rundle

Leading Marine Engineering Mechanic D. Miller

Marine Engineering Artificer A.S. James

We sat down for a while when we came ashore
Was this what we have come so far to fight for
This bleak and desolate piece of land

Then an Islander held out her hand
Her smile so wide a tear in her eye
Now I knew the reason why!

We gave of body and of soul
We would reach the final goal
So many friends and comrades we left behind

For many this still plays on the mind
20 years on time again to say goodbye
not now the Islander with a tear in the eye

Grown men they say should not cry

Poem by Colin Waite copyright 2002

Reginald David Eccles

Joined HMS Fearless (sea eagle) on 18th August 1964 until 28th September 1967 as a Chief Shipwright.
He Joined the MOD in Bath as a Naval Architect and died at the age of 64 in 1996.

My Notes:
I am desperate to find someone who served with him to tell me more about him. Many Thanks his son Andrew.
e-mail Andrew

Bob Jones (SA Jack Dusty)

Bob ( D058234E SA JONES R ) was Born on the 30th January 1935 and after 3 years of RAF national service, joined the Royal Navy 8th Nov 1960

Barrie Knight RM

I have just been advised by telephone at 6pm this evening from Margaret, Barrieā€™s wife, that sadly Barrie passed away from a heart attack last Saturday 9th April 2008.

Barrie joined the Royal Marines in 1958 and completed 37years service; his first after training was H.M.S. Vanguard.

For 20 years Barry served in Commando Units, 17 of which he was a Warrant Officer having seen action in many parts of the world including Borneo Malaya, Hong Kong / Chinese border, Person Gulf including Aden, Falklands and had also completed six tours of duty in Northern Ireland.