Fearless was the first of two ships provided to the Royal Navy to meet the need for the U.K. forces requirement for Amphibious Assault Ships. Prior to the arrival of Fearless the use of dock down vessels had been through joint exercises with the US Navy, a major deployment from US vessels was seen during the Korean War.
Ship Pennant No Deck Code Builder Laid Down Launched Commissioned
Fearless L10 FS Harland & Wolff July 25th 1962 December 19th 1963 November 25th 1965
Intrepid L11 IS John Brown December 19th 1962 June 25th 1964 March 11th 1967

Launched by Lady Hull. Involved in counter terrorist operations in Aden during 1966 and landed the Irish Guards in RAF helicopters. Fearless was part of a 25 ship strong fleet sent to Aden in 1967 and was the command ship for co-ordinating the withdrawal. In 1968 Fearless was the venue for talks between Harold Wilson and the Rhodesian government. In 1971 she played a major role in the East Pakistan flood relief operations. Fearless became a film star in 1976 when she appeared in the final scenes and closing credits of the tenth James Bond film 'The Spy Who Love Me'. During the filming she had been diverted to the aid of a Greek Cargo ship ablaze and in trouble. During the Falklands Conflict, one of Fearless landing ships was destroyed. General Menedez was held as a prisoner of war onboard. Upon the re-commissioning of Intrepid in 1985, Fearless decommissioned and was laid up in reserve at Portsmouth Dockyard for three years after which she began a two year £50 million refit at Devonport finally re-commissioning in 1991. In 1999 Fearless joined LPH Ocean in Exercise Argonaut.